Banco Popular

Banco Popular is a public, non-governmental Costa Rican entity, established on July 11th, 1969 under the Organic Law of Banco Popular, No. 4351.

Banco Popular is a public, non-governmental, legal entity with private equity, which has fully administrative and operational autonomy. Its operation is governed by the norms and rules of public law; nonetheless, it does not have the warranty granted by the state. Since it is an entity established by law, it has no registered term.

The Banco Popular Financial Conglomerate has a high-performance oriented culture, which values important factors such as team work, continuous improvement, training and development, internal communication, and the achievement of objectives aligned to the institutional mission and vision.

The moving engine behind the Banco Popular Financial Conglomerate is the client; therefore, it has as a primary focus to provide high-quality and optimum service.

This organization is governed by the Organic Law of the Banco Popular and by the Law Regulation; besides, other laws apply such as the Organic Law of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, the National Banking System Law, the General Law of Public Administration, and the Government Accountability Office.

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