The Bank of Production SA (Banpro) is a private Nicaraguan company founded on November 11th, 1991, for the purpose of intermediating deposits from the community to invest in a wide variety of businesses in the productive sectors and services, mainly to serve as agents of development in the country.

Differentiating it from the rest of the Banks that are part of the National Financial System, Banpro was the first bank to open its doors in Nicaragua when the conditions for development and private investors were just resuming. It initiated with the support of 133 members from the various productive sectors and activities in the country.

Over the years and since its founding, Banpro, Promerica Group has experienced sustained growth in assets, deposits that capture the public and their capital, to become the largest bank in the nation. Furthermore, the leading bank Central America wise and its size go within the 20 largest banks in terms of assets. To achieve this privileged position Banpro has developed a growth value-added strategy based on service to customers.

Banpro has a network of branches across the country including a subsidiary in Corn Island, located in the most remote part of the country; also counts with 70 sites for specialized customer service as well as a wide range of products and services.

The results of its operations over the years, clearly demonstrate the reliability and profitability of the bank, and the volume of deposits is the result of customer confidence.

Its main features are:

  • Issuance: Standardized Securities Program of Fixed Income.
  • Issuance amount: Forty million dollars ($ 40,000,000.00)
  • Securities offered: Bonds and Commercial Papers
  • Terms: Will be detailed through a public offering.
  • Payment of interest: Through public offering.
  • Investment worth: It will be released through a public offering.

For more information please download the prospectus available on this website.