The Administrative Company of International Airports (EAAI) is a decentralized entity of the State of the Republic of Nicaragua, has its own assets, legal status, indefinite duration with its headquarters in Managua. It was created by Decree No. 1292 of August 11th, 1983, and later amended by Decree No. 49-91, on December 22nd, 1992, published in "La Gaceta", Official Journal No. 6 of January 13th, 1992.

Additionally, there have been reforms to its Creative Law, including Decree No. 41-98 published in "La Gaceta", Official Journal, No. 11 of June 16th, 1998, which was revoked by Decree No. 58-98 of September 8th, 1998 and published in "La Gaceta", Official Journal number 171, of September 10th, the same year. This Decree practically gave Decree 49-91 validity with only some minor modifications. Subsequently, Decree 07-99, published in "La Gaceta", Official Journal of February 2nd, 1999, complements an article regarding the Board of Directors of the company.

Its main features are:

  • Issuance: Program of bond issuance to refinance debts of the EAAI - Bonds BRADE.
  • Securities offered: Bonds.
  • Terms: Five (5), ten (10) fifteen (15) and twenty (20) years.
  • Payment schedule: semiannually interest and amortization of principal at maturity.
  • Currency worth: Cordobas (local currency) or its equivalent in US currency (Ten thousand dollars of the United States of America (US $ 10,000.00).
  • Risk rating agency: SC Risk

For more information please download the prospectus available on this website.