Equity (variable interest)

Agri-Corp is a Nicaraguan private corporation founded in 2000. It operates throughout the country by means of subsidiaries and is a leader in the marketing of agro supplies and processed foods, industrial processing of rice and wheat as well as distribution of massive consumption products of the basic grains with added value, such as rice, wheat flour, corn flour, beans, sugar, among others. Agri-Corp currently operates 5 rice processing plants and has three distribution centers, which allows them coverage of 16,700 independent sales outlets across the country.

Its main features are:

  • Issuance: Preferred shares Issuance from Agri-corp.
  • Securities offered: Preferred stocks.
  • Authorized Amount: Two hundred forty million Cordobas (C $ 240,000,000.00), equivalent to ten million eight hundred dollars (US $ 10,000,800.00).
  • Number of shares issued: Two hundred forty thousand (240,000) preferred shares.
  • Nominal value of each share: A thousand Cordobas (C $ 1,000.00), corresponding to forty-one with 67/100 Dollars (US $ 41.67).
  • Frequency of payment of dividends: Quarterly. The payment dates will be announced by press material fact.
  • Expiration: No expiration date.
  • Rating agency: Risk SC.

For more information please download the brochure available on this website.