The Zeta Real Estate Investment Fund is under closed-ended funds and undiversified pattern. The fund invests in buildings in Costa Rican territory and has the option of investing in investment instruments in a temporary manner. The gains or losses of capital on account of new appraisals of assets are reflected in the value of equity securities or “even shares”.

The non-diversified ZETA Real Estate investment popular fund is a fund for investors who wish to participate in a real estate portfolio who are able to obtain capital gains or loss depending on variations that may occur in the value of property.

Correspondingly, this fund is aimed at investors who do not require immediate liquidity, this being a fund which investment horizon is in a long term perspective, where the minimum time recommended is seven hundred twenty (720) days (two years) since its portfolio will be basically consist of properties and any latent capital gains from revaluation will only be observed in the long run.

Finally, it is relevant to point out that the fund is recommended for investors who are acquainted with the real estate market, have the required assistance to invest in this particular sector, and willing to endure temporary loss or even permanent in the value of their investments, because of the investment in assets of the Fund.

Its main features are:

  • Name of the fund: Real Estate Investment Fund FINPO.
  • Fund type: Real Estate.
  • Securities offered: Shares.
  • Issuance: One hundred million dollars (US $ 100,000,000.00).
  • Number of authorized shares: Twenty Thousand Dollars (20,000).
  • Nominal value of each share: Five thousand dollars ($ 5,000.00).
  • Frequency of distribution of benefits: Monthly.
  • Risk rating agency: SC Risk.
  • Expiration Date: The shares have no expiration date.

For more information please download the prospectus available on this website.

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