INVERCASA is a brokerage firm authorized by the Superintendence of Banks and the Stock Exchange of Nicaragua, which provides a strong platform of products and services. By having a highly-qualified professional team, INVERCASA’s objective is to offer personalized counsel, a safe transactional environment, trust and absolute discretion to its clients. Through its company holdings, INVERCASA has the ability to develop different business transactions, including a wide range of financial services internationally.

INVERCASA is composed of highly-talented professionals with over 20 years of experience and a remarkable career in the financial industry. Our services are financial-assessment oriented, which provides access to different stock markets, investment opportunities, and financing alternatives.

  • Lic. Emiliano Maranhao Rodrigues de Freitas - Chair
  • Lic. Raúl Adolfo Amador Somarriba - Vice-chair
  • Lic. Luis Alejandro Lacayo Castellón - Secretary
  • Lic. Rodrigo Gurdián Llanes - Board Member
  • Dr. Carlos Eduardo Téllez Paramo - Director

INVERCASA opened its doors in 1993, same year in which the Stock Exchange of Nicaragua was founded. The rate at which the stock markets fluctuate today and the variety of financial products offered, makes it difficult to select the optimum investment alternatives. Hence, investors seek to receive advice from and to be guided by an expert in the field.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Stock Market, we are able to fully understand the characteristics of each and every one of the investment tools that are available. Our globalized vision allows us to take advantage of real-time investment opportunities, grounded on professionalism, responsibility and a commitment to serve.

Along the years, our excellent services and the professionalism showcased by our consultants have rewarded us with the highest of acknowledgments: the adherence and satisfaction from our hundreds of clients. As part of our main objectives, we strive to be at the forefront as financial providers by using the most strict risk control parameters, having sustained and balanced growth, applying cutting-edge technology, creativity and by having the support of a highly-equipped personnel.

We have counseled a variety of companies and entities in the structuring and issuing of government and corporate securities, which has helped us build a team of professionals with experience in stock management. Today, this team represents the highest asset of our company.

At the same time, we have successfully ventured in working with companies listed in the Stock Exchange of Nicaragua. A fully automated information system, guarantees the efficient and reliable management of securities for each issuing client and for each investor.

  • INVERCASA is a brokerage firm with vast experience in the counseling and assessment of the structuring of securities issuance and financial engineering.
  • INVERCASA is an independent firm, with no affiliation to any banking institution, which allows us to work with other financial institutions with no conflict of interest, especially when there is an excess or lack of liquidity in the market, obtaining the lowest costs or the highest returns of the market, depending on the situation.
  • INVERCASA is one of the highest capitalized and profitable firms, which provides a sense of reliability to its clients.
  • The focus on serving the customer, boldness to conduct business transactions, and safety in each one of our operations, are some of the factors that, along these 20 years of experience, have positioned us a solid firm in the stock market.
  • Our highly-qualified marketing department focuses on finding and solving the financial needs of potential clients.
  • INVERCASA actively participates in seminars with focus on financial and economic topics, which shows our educational role towards current and potential clients from different economic segments.
  • INVERCASA counts with a team of entities and complementary services to the stock market such as risk assessment firms, professional auditing firms, and a wide array of services to provide the firm’s stakeholders with accurate information.